Growth Hacking

” Imagine your product, marketing and dev teams working together; for real


  • Getting new customers or users is key for business success, no matter if you are the new app on the block or if you ve been around for a while. We run campaigns on all digital and mobile channels to get users in, and we add an extra mile with deep analytics and some coding for better optimisation.


  • Burning budgets, no matter how big or small they are, on digital channels means nothing if you don´t bring the right customers in, and the right ones are those who activate. We work on onsite / inapp strategies, onboarding automation and funnel optimisation to increase your activation rate.


  • The escence of Growth Hacking is to keep your users in, and increase their use rate. We deep dive into your analytics and dashboard, produce rich content and work on bringing users back and churn reduction.


  • The old and beloved mouth to mouth. Viral growth is the new king. We work on viral loops that drive sustainable growth ands business scaling, getting your active users to bring more users in.

Find your aha!

Get to know in which moment a user becomes loyal and work on it